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About git

A version control system allows you and your teammates to work collaboratively, safely, and simultaneously on a single project. Version control helps you track all the code changes made in your dbt project.

In a distributed version control system, every developer has a full copy of the project and project history. Git is one of the most popular distributed version control systems and is commonly used for both open source and commercial software development, with great benefits for individuals, teams and businesses.

Git overview

Git allows developers see the entire timeline of their changes, decisions, and progression of any project in one place. From the moment they access the history of a project, the developer has all the context they need to understand it and start contributing.

When you develop in the command line interface (CLI) or Cloud integrated development environment (IDE), you can leverage Git directly to version control your code. To use version control, make sure you are connected to a Git repository in the CLI or Cloud IDE.