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dbt Semantic Layer

The dbt Semantic Layer, powered by MetricFlow, simplifies the process of defining and using critical business metrics, like revenue in the modeling layer (your dbt project). By centralizing metric definitions, data teams can ensure consistent self-service access to these metrics in downstream data tools and applications. The dbt Semantic Layer eliminates duplicate coding by allowing data teams to define metrics on top of existing models and automatically handles data joins.

Moving metric definitions out of the BI layer and into the modeling layer allows data teams to feel confident that different business units are working from the same metric definitions, regardless of their tool of choice. If a metric definition changes in dbt, it’s refreshed everywhere it’s invoked and creates consistency across all applications.

Refer to the dbt Semantic Layer FAQs or Why we need a universal semantic layer blog post to learn more.

Explore the dbt Semantic Layer

To define and query metrics with the dbt Semantic Layer, you must be on a dbt Cloud Team or Enterprise account. Suitable for both Multi-tenant and Single-tenant accounts. Note: Single-tenant accounts should contact their account representative for necessary setup and enablement.