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Connect to Azure DevOps

Available for dbt Cloud Enterprise

Connecting an Azure DevOps cloud account is available for organizations using the dbt Cloud Enterprise tier.

dbt Cloud's native Azure DevOps integration does not support Azure DevOps Server (on-premise). Instead, you can import a project by git URL to connect to an Azure DevOps Server.

About Azure DevOps and dbt Cloud‚Äč

Connect your Azure DevOps cloud account in dbt Cloud to unlock new product experiences:

  • Import new Azure DevOps repos with a couple clicks during dbt Cloud project setup.
  • Clone repos using HTTPS rather than SSH
  • Enforce user authorization with OAuth 2.0.
  • Carry Azure DevOps user repository permissions (read / write access) through to dbt Cloud IDE or dbt Cloud CLI's git actions.
  • Trigger Continuous integration (CI) builds when pull requests are opened in Azure DevOps.

To connect Azure DevOps in dbt Cloud:

  1. An Entra ID admin role (or role with proper permissions) needs to set up an Active Directory application.
  2. An Azure DevOps admin needs to connect the accounts.
  3. A dbt Cloud account admin needs to add the app to dbt Cloud.
  4. dbt Cloud developers need to personally authenticate with Azure DevOps from dbt Cloud.

If you're a Business Critical customer using IP restrictions, ensure you've added the appropriate Azure DevOps CIDRs to your IP restriction rules, or else the Azure DevOps connection will fail.