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About dbt Cloud setup

dbt Cloud is the fastest and most reliable way to deploy your dbt jobs. It contains a myriad of settings that can be configured by admins, from the necessities (data platform integration) to security enhancements (SSO) and quality-of-life features (RBAC).

This portion of our documentation will take you through the various settings in the dbt Cloud UI, including:

For steps on installing dbt Cloud development tools, refer to the dbt Cloud CLI or the dbt Cloud IDE (browser-based).

These settings are intended for dbt Cloud administrators. If you need a more detailed first-time setup guide for specific data platforms, read our quickstart guides. If you want a more in-depth learning experience, we recommend taking the dbt Fundamentals on our dbt Learn site.


  • To set up dbt Cloud, you'll need to have a dbt Cloud account with administrator access. If you still need to create a dbt Cloud account, sign up today on our North American servers or contact us for international options.
  • To have the best experience using dbt Cloud, we recommend you use modern and up-to-date web browsers like Chrome, Safari, Edge, and Firefox.