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Deploy dbt

Use dbt Cloud's capabilities to seamlessly run a dbt job in production or staging environments. Rather than run dbt commands manually from the command line, you can leverage the dbt Cloud's in-app scheduling to automate how and when you execute dbt.

Deploy jobs

Learn how to create and schedule deploy jobs in dbt Cloud for the scheduler to run. When you run with dbt Cloud, you get built-in observability, logging, and alerting.

Job scheduler

The dbt Cloud job scheduler queues scheduled or API-triggered runs, before preparing the job to enter cloud data platform. Build observability into transformation workflows with the in-app scheduling, logging, and alerting.

Jobs in dbt Cloud

Learn about the different job types in dbt Cloud and what their differences are.

Monitor jobs and alerts

Monitor your dbt Cloud job and set up alerts to ensure seamless orchestration and optimize your data transformations