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version: 2

- name: <model_name>
- name: <column_name>
data_type: <string>
description: <markdown_string>
quote: true | false
tests: ...
tags: ...
meta: ...
- name: <another_column>

Columns are not resources in and of themselves. Instead, they are child properties of another resource type. They can define sub-properties that are similar to properties defined at the resource level:

  • tags
  • meta
  • tests
  • description

Because columns are not resources, their tags and meta properties are not true configurations. They do not inherit the tags or meta values of their parent resources. However, you can select a generic test, defined on a column, using tags applied to its column or top-level resource; see test selection examples.

Columns may optionally define a data_type, which is necessary for: