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About target variable

target contains information about your connection to the warehouse.

  • dbt Core: These values are based on the target defined in your profiles.yml file
  • dbt Cloud Scheduler:
    • is defined per job as described here.
    • For all other attributes, the values are defined by the deployment connection. To check these values, click Deploy from the upper left and select Environments. Then, select the relevant deployment environment, and click Settings.
  • dbt Cloud IDE: The values are defined by your connection and credentials. To check any of these values, head to your account (via your profile image in the top right hand corner), and select the project under "Credentials".

Some configs are shared between all adapters, while others are adapter-specific.


target.profile_namejaffle_shopThe name of the active profile
target.namedevName of the active target
target.schemadbt_aliceName of the dbt schema (or, dataset on BigQuery)
target.typepostgresThe active adapter being used. One of "postgres", "snowflake", "bigquery", "redshift", "databricks"
target.threads4The number of threads in use by dbt



target.databaseRAWDatabase name specified in active target.
target.warehouseTRANSFORMName of the Snowflake virtual warehouse
target.userTRANSFORM_USERThe user specified in the active target
target.roleTRANSFORM_ROLEThe role specified in the active target
target.accountabc123The account specified in the active target


target.dbnameanalyticsDatabase name specified in active target. host specified in active target
target.userdbt_userThe user specified in the active target
target.port5439The port specified in the active profile


target.projectabc-123The project specified in the active profile
target.datasetdbt_aliceThe dataset the active profile


Use to limit data in dev

As long as you use sensible target names, you can perform conditional logic to limit data when working in dev.

from source('web_events', 'page_views')
{% if == 'dev' %}
where created_at >= dateadd('day', -3, current_date)
{% endif %}

Use to change your source database

If you have specific Snowflake databases configured for your dev/qa/prod environments, you can set up your sources to compile to different databases depending on your environment.

version: 2

- name: source_name
database: |
{%- if == "dev" -%} raw_dev
{%- elif == "qa" -%} raw_qa
{%- elif == "prod" -%} raw_prod
{%- else -%} invalid_database
{%- endif -%}
schema: source_schema