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About project_name context variable

The project_name context variable returns the name for the root-level project which is being run by dbt. This variable can be used to defer execution to a root-level project macro if one exists.

Example Usage‚Äč

This macro vacuums tables in a Redshift database. If a macro exists in the
root-level project called `get_tables_to_vacuum`, this macro will call _that_
macro to find the tables to vacuum. If the macro is not defined in the root
project, this macro will use a default implementation instead.

{% macro vacuum_tables() %}

{% set root_project = context[project_name] %}
{% if root_project.get_tables_to_vacuum %}
{% set tables = root_project.get_tables_to_vacuum() %}
{% else %}
{% set tables = redshift.get_tables_to_vacuum() %}
{% endif %}

{% for table in tables %}
{% do redshift.vacuum_table(table) %}
{% endfor %}

{% endmacro %}