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About dbt --version

The --version command-line flag returns information about the currently installed version of dbt Core or the dbt Cloud CLI. This flag is not supported when invoking dbt in other dbt Cloud runtimes (for example, the IDE or scheduled runs).

  • dbt Core Returns the installed version of dbt-core and the versions of all installed adapters.
  • dbt Cloud CLI Returns the installed version of the dbt Cloud CLI and, for the other dbt_version values, the latest version of the dbt runtime in dbt Cloud.


To learn more about release versioning for dbt Core, refer to How dbt Core uses semantic versioning.

If dbt Cloud is set to Keep on latest version, then dbt_version uses the latest (continuous) release version. This also follows semantic versioning guidelines, using the YYYY.xx.yy format, where the year is the major version (for example, 2024.04.1234)

Example usages

dbt Core example:

dbt Core
$ dbt --version
- installed: 1.7.6
- latest: 1.7.6 - Up to date!
- snowflake: 1.7.1 - Up to date!

dbt Cloud CLI example:

dbt Cloud CLI
$ dbt --version
dbt Cloud CLI - 0.35.7 (fae78a6f5f6f2d7dff3cab3305fe7f99bd2a36f3 2024-01-18T22:34:52Z)