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About dbt test command

dbt test runs tests defined on models, sources, snapshots, and seeds. It expects that you have already created those resources through the appropriate commands.

The tests to run can be selected using the --select flag discussed here.

# run tests for one_specific_model
dbt test --select one_specific_model

# run tests for all models in package
dbt test --select some_package.*

# run only tests defined singularly
dbt test --select test_type:singular

# run only tests defined generically
dbt test --select test_type:generic

# run singular tests limited to one_specific_model
dbt test --select one_specific_model,test_type:singular

# run generic tests limited to one_specific_model
dbt test --select one_specific_model,test_type:generic

For more information on writing tests, see the Testing Documentation.