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Are there any example dbt projects?


  • Quickstart Tutorial: You can build your own example dbt project in the quickstart guide
  • Jaffle Shop: A demonstration project (closely related to the tutorial) for a fictional ecommerce store (source code)
  • MRR Playbook: A demonstration project that models subscription revenue (source code, docs)
  • Attribution Playbook: A demonstration project that models marketing attribution (source code, docs)
  • GitLab: Gitlab's internal dbt project is open source and is a great example of how to use dbt at scale (source code, docs)
  • dummy-dbt: A containerized dbt project that populates the Sakila database in Postgres and populates dbt seeds, models, snapshots, and tests. The project can be used for testing and experimentation purposes (source code)
  • Google Analytics 4: A demonstration project that transforms the Google Analytics 4 BigQuery exports to various models (source code, docs)

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