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What version of Python can I use?

Use this table to match dbt-core versions with their compatible Python versions. New dbt minor versions will add support for new Python3 minor versions when all dependencies can support it. In addition, dbt minor versions will withdraw support for old Python3 minor versions before their end of life.

Python compatibility matrix

dbt-core versionv1.8v1.7v1.6v1.5v1.4v1.3v1.2v1.1v1.0
Python 3.12
Python 3.11
Python 3.10
Python 3.9
Python 3.8

Adapter plugins and their dependencies are not always compatible with the latest version of Python. For example, dbt-snowflake v0.19 is not compatible with Python 3.9, but dbt-snowflake versions 0.20+ are.