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May 2023 product docs updates

Hello from the dbt Docs team: @mirnawong1, @matthewshaver, @nghi-ly, and @runleonarun! First, we’d like to thank the 13 new community contributors to!

Here's what's new to in May:

🔎 Discoverability

  • We made sure everyone knows that Cloud-users don’t need a profiles.yml file by adding a callout on several key pages.
  • Fleshed out the model jinja variable page, which originally lacked conceptual info and didn’t link to the schema page.
  • Added a new Quickstarts landing page. This new format sets up for future iterations that will include filtering! But for now, we are excited you can step through quickstarts in a focused way.

☁ Cloud projects

🎯 Core projects

  • See what’s coming up in Core v 1.6!
  • We turned the profiles.yml page into a landing page, added more context to profile.yml page, and moved the ‘About CLI’ higher up in the Set up dbt section.

New 📚 Guides, ✏️ blog posts, and FAQs

If you want to contribute to a blog post, we’re focusing on content