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Feb IDE updates and fixes

To continue improving our Cloud IDE experience, the dbt Labs team worked on fixing bugs, increasing reliability, and adding new features ✨.

Learn more about the February changes.

New features

  • Support for custom node colors in the IDE DAG visualization
  • Ref autocomplete includes models from seeds and snapshots
  • Prevent menus from getting cropped (git controls dropdown, file tree dropdown, build button, editor tab options)
  • Additional option to access the file menu by right-clicking on the files and folders in the file tree
  • Rename files by double-clicking on files in the file tree and the editor tabs
  • Right-clicking on file tabs has new options and will now open at your cursor instead of in the middle of the tab
  • The git branch name above Version Control links to the repo for specific git providers
    • Currently available for all multi-tenant instances using GitHub or GitLab providers

Product refinements

  • Added an error modal for RPC parsing errors when users attempt to invoke dbt commands (preview, compile, or general dbt invocations)
  • Enabled syntax highlighting for Jinja expression and statement delimiters
  • Clarified and renamed the options under the Build button
  • Changed the term for RPC status from Compiling to Parsing to match dbt-core construct
  • Implemented a new File Tree component to improve render time by 60%
  • Disabled the Local Storage of File Tree to prevent users from running into max LocalStorage issue for large projects
  • Changed snapshot snippet template (__snapshot) to a select from source

Bug fixes

  • You no longer have file contents carrying over when you switch to a different project that has the same file name
  • The preview max limit no longer allows you to override the maximum
  • You no longer encounter node statuses failing to update in the history drawer for those on version 1.4 core. (This is a partial fix that may be fully addressed by core version 1.5)
  • You can now use the Copy File Name option to copy up to the last dot, rather than the first dot