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April IDE updates and fixes

To continue improving your Cloud IDE development experience, the dbt Labs team continue to work on adding new features, fixing bugs, and increasing reliability ✨.

Read more about the upcoming improvements to the Cloud IDE and stay up-to-date with IDE-related changes.

New features

  • New warning message suggests you invoke dbt deps when it's needed (as informed by dbt-score).
  • New warning message appears when you select models but don't save them before clicking Build or invoking dbt (like, dbt build/run/test).
  • Previews of Markdown and CSV files are now available in the IDE console.
  • The file tree menu now includes a Duplicate File option.
  • Display loading time when previewing a model

Product refinements

  • Enhance autocomplete experience which has performed slowly for people with large projects and who implement a limit to max manifest.json for this feature
  • Introduce pagination for invocation node summary view (displaying 100 nodes at a time)
  • Improve rendering for the Changes / Version Control section of the IDE
  • Update icons to be consistent in dbt Cloud
  • Add table support to the Markdown preview
  • Add the lineage tab back to seed resources in the IDE
  • Implement modal priority when there are multiple warning modals
  • Improve a complex command's description in the command palette

Bug fixes

  • File tree no longer collapses on first click when there's a project subdirectory defined
  • Revert all button now works as expected
  • CSV preview no longer fails with only one column
  • Cursor and scroll bar location are now persistent with their positions
  • git diff view now shows just change diffs and no longer shows full diff (as if file is new) until page refreshes
  • ToggleMinimap Command no longer runs another Command at the same time
  • git diff view no longer shows infinite spins in specific scenarios (new file, etc.)
  • File contents no longer get mixed up when using diff view and one file has unsaved changes
  • YML lineage now renders model without tests (in dbt Core v1.5 and above)
  • Radio buttons for Summary and Details in the logs section now consistently update to show the accurate tab selection
  • IDE no longer throws the console error Error: Illegal argument and redirects to the Something went wrong page