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Infer configurations


To connect to Infer from your dbt instance you need to set up a correct profile in your profiles.yml.

The format of this should look like this:

target: <target-name>
type: infer
url: "<infer-api-endpoint>"
username: "<infer-api-username>"
apikey: "<infer-apikey>"
[configuration for your underlying data warehouse]

Description of Infer Profile Fields

typeYesMust be set to infer. This must be included either in profiles.yml or in the dbt_project.yml file.
urlYesThe host name of the Infer server to connect to. Typically this is
usernameYesYour Infer username - the one you use to login.
apikeyYesYour Infer api key.
data_configYesThe configuration for your underlying data warehouse. The format of this follows the format of the configuration for your data warehouse adapter.