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Turning on the WARN_ERROR config will convert dbt warnings into errors. Any time dbt would normally warn, it will instead raise an error. Examples include --select criteria that selects no resources, deprecations, configurations with no associated models, invalid test configurations, or tests and freshness checks that are configured to return warnings.

dbt --warn-error run

Converting any warnings to errors may suit your needs perfectly, but there may be some warnings you just don't care about, and some you care about a lot. The WARN_ERROR_OPTIONS config gives you more granular control over exactly which types of warnings are treated as errors.

WARN_ERROR and WARN_ERROR_OPTIONS are mutually exclusive

WARN_ERROR and WARN_ERROR_OPTIONS are mutually exclusive. You can only specify one, even when you're specifying the config in multiple places (e.g. env var + CLI flag), otherwise, you'll see a usage error.