Supported databases

dbt supports the following databases:

These database plugins are supported by the core dbt maintainers.

PostgresProfile Setup✅Full Support
RedshiftProfile Setup, Configuration✅Full Support
BigQueryProfile Setup, Configuration✅Full Support
SnowflakeProfile Setup, Configuration✅ Full Support
PrestoProfile SetupPartial Support
SparkProfile Setup, ConfigurationPartial Support

Community Supported dbt Plugins

These database plugins are community-supported 🌱

Microsoft SQL Server (dbt-mssql)Profile SetupSQL Server 2008 R2 and later
Microsoft SQL Server (dbt-sqlserver)Profile SetupSQL Server 2016 and later
Microsoft Azure Synapse DW (dbt-synapse)Profile SetupAzure Synapse 10+
Microsoft Azure Synapse DW (dbt-azuresynapse)Profile SetupAzure Synapse 10+
Exasol Analytics (dbt-exasol)Profile SetupExasol 6.x and later
Oracle Database (dbt-oracle)Profile SetupOracle 11+
Dremio (dbt-dremio)Profile SetupDremio 4.7+

Creating a new adapter

dbt can be extended with "adapter plugins." These plugins can be built into separate Python modules, and dbt will discover them if they are installed on your system. If you're interested in developing a new adapter plugin for dbt, please open an issue and be sure to check out the docs on building a new adapter.