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About dbt Cloud IDE

The dbt Cloud integrated development environment (IDE) is a single interface for building, testing, running, and version-controlling dbt projects from your browser. With the Cloud IDE, you can compile dbt code into SQL and run it against your database directly. The IDE leverages the open-source dbt-rpc plugin to recompile only the changes made in your project.

With the Cloud IDE, you can:

  • Write modular SQL models with select statements and the ref() function,
  • Compile dbt code into SQL and execute it against your database directly,
  • Test every model before deploying them to production,
  • Generate and view documentation of your dbt project,
  • Leverage git and version-control your code from your browser with a couple of clicks,
  • Create and test Python models:
    • Compile Python models to see the full function that gets executed in your data platform
    • See Python models in DAG in dbt version 1.3 and higher
    • Currently, you can't preview python models
  • Visualize a directed acyclic graph (DAG), and more.
The dbt Cloud IDE in dark modeThe dbt Cloud IDE in dark mode

For more information, read the complete Cloud IDE guide.

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