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Are there prerequisites for my operating system?

Some operating systems require additional pre-installation setup. After running whichever commands are relevant to your development environment, return to the instructions above.


The version of Python installed on your system may not be compatible with dbt. To check, run:

python --version

If needed, download and install Python version 3.6 or higher for MacOS.

If your machine runs on an Apple M1 architecture, we recommend that you install dbt via Rosetta. This is necessary for certain dependencies that are only supported on Intel processors.


sudo apt-get install git libpq-dev python-dev python3-pipsudo apt-get remove python-cffisudo pip install --upgrade cffipip install cryptography~=3.4


sudo yum install redhat-rpm-config gcc libffi-devel \  python-devel openssl-devel


Install Git for Windows and Python version 3.6 or higher for Windows.