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An archive of monthly product updates from the dbt Labs team.

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· 3 min read
Lauren Craigie

Hi there,

Before I get to the goods, I just wanted to quickly flag that Coalesce is less than 3 weeks away! 😱 If you had to choose just ONE of the 60+ sessions on tap, consider Tristan's keynote with A16z's Martin Casado.

It has two of my favorite elements:

1) Spice 🌶️

2) Not-actually-about-us 😅

Martin and Tristan will discuss something we've all probably considered with the latest wave of innovation (and funding) in our space:

Is the modern data stack just another wave in a long string of trendy technologies, or is it somehow more permanent?

Hear their take, and share your own by registering here.

· 4 min read
Lauren Craigie

Hello there,

Do you remember? The 21st day of September? 🎶 Course you do it was two days ago. Well that's a win in your bucket and the day's barely begun! So let's get a win for someone else -- like Jeremy Cohen, the dbt Core product manager.

I'm sure you know that half of the updates in this email are pushed automatically when we upgrade everyone to the latest version of dbt Cloud 🚀

But did you know the other half requires you (or your account admin) to actively switch to the latest version of dbt Core? 😱 If this isn't happening regularly (how-to video here), you may miss out on major improvements to performance, stability, and speed.

Give Jeremy a win and check out the blog he just posted on why this matters even more leading up to 💥dbt v1.0💥. While we're throwing W's, don't forget to also register for his talk at Coalesce now!